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7th Judicial District Court 

The 7th District Court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. Most Judicial District Court cases are heard by juries. The court also has jurisdiction over criminal cases against children under the age of seventeen. 

courthouseThe following Judges preside over the Catahoula Parish 7th Judicial District Court:

  • Hon. Kathy A. Johnson - Division A
  • Hon. John Reeves - Division B

Catahoula Parish Courthouse
301 Bushley Street
PO Box 654
Harrisonburg, LA 71340
Phone: 318-744-5497
Fax: 318-744-5488

District Attorney - 7th Judicial District

  • Bradley R. Burget

4001 Carter St Ste 9 
Vidalia LA 71373
Phone: 318-336-5526

Justice of the Peace Courts 

Justices of the Peace have judicial authority of a district, can perform marriage ceremonies, have jurisdiction in civil matters when the amount is in dispute does not exceed $5,000. They do not have jurisdiction when a real estate title is involved, when the defendant is the state or other political subdivision, successions or probate matters. Justices of the Peace are elected to service six year terms.

Constables carry out the orders of the Justice of the Peace Court which includes, serving citations, evictions enforcement and garnishments enforcement. Constables are elected to service six year terms.

Ward 1 Richard G. Price, IV
1970 Hwy 916, Sicily Island LA 71368-4911
Phone: 318-278-0620
Billy Fletcher, Jr.
1580 Ratcliff Rd, Sicily Island, LA 71368
Phone: 318-389-8831
Ward 2 Robert "Bobby" Alexander
12398 Hwy 8, Jonesville LA 71343-3920
Phone: 318-339-9924
Dean Cannaday
12083 Hwy 8 Jonesville, LA 71343
Phone: 318-339-8957
Ward 3 TeRan Book
1483 Hwy 28, Jonesville LA 71343
Kirby King
PO Box 973, Jonesville, LA 71343
Phone: 318-201-5345